What are location directives in WHS Ax 2012

With this article you should be able to easily understand what are location directives in WHS Ax 2012 and its purpose.

Location directives, as the name suggests, are used to direct work transactions to the appropriate locations in the warehouse. They can be accessed from Warehouse Management > Setup > Location Directives. There are many important elements in the Location Directives form.

The Work item area identifies what Warehousing function the location directives are tied to. In this screenshot you can see the various work items that let you specify location directives. The Location Directives form consists of a Header, a Lines, and an Action section.


Header Section

Header section is used to define how the location directives will be sequenced and what combination of data it will be supporting when processing the related document. In day to day business operation, a warehouse is used to maintain various kinds of items having different properties and storage criteria. Location directives can be useful in handling such scenarios and guide system on how to manage the locations when creating or maintaining a work.

Consider an example where in Warehouse Main DC we need to store Product A in Location X & Product B in Location Z. We would create location directives with each of such scenario to be handled and then these can be sequenced for the system to take preference.


Location Directives Header


Location Directives Query


Once the location directive header is created and selected, we define the lines which helps the system to find actual location to “pick from” or “put to”. The lines part of the form, deals with the quantity to be located or reserved. ┬áIn case specific quantity or from specific UOM only has to be picked or reserved, the configuration on the Lines section helps the system determine the course of the process


Location Directive Lines

Location directive actions

The lower grid, Location Directive Actions, is the place where locations, or ranges of locations, are specified. After a location directive has been selected, and the header and lines are specified in the middle-grid sequence, the system evaluates the sequences in the lower grid.


Location Directive Actions

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