Warehouse Management System aka WHS in Ax 2012 R3

With the release of AX 2012 R3, there is an addition of a significant functionality around the warehousing (WHS) and transportation (TMS) capabilities. The features are so large in themselves that they have been incorporated as separate modules within Dynamics AX. We are starting a series of blog posts on the topic Warehouse Management System aka WHS in Ax 2012 R3. Since Microsoft has declared these as the way of the future for AX, the functionality and concepts will become key to future implementations of AX.

Major consideration is while AX 2012 R3 supports WMS2 and WHS, they are not going to be supported in conjunction with each other. Make sure that only either WMS2 or the WHS modules are checked, not both.

Following are some of the major components in this module.

  • Location Directives
    • Inbound / outbound material flow and storage within the warehouse.
  • Work Templates
    • Monitor the processing and the amount of work in a warehouse, push work to dedicated warehouse workers, and trace completed work.
  • Deferred Reservation Strategy
    • Defer reservation details beyond the point of entering an order. The deferred reservation strategy is based on a reservation hierarchy, which you can assign to inventory items.
  • Inventory Status Storage Dimensions
    • Inventory blocking, material planning and reservation capabilities.
  • Wave Processing
    • Create and release outbound work through automatic or manual processing of waves.
  • Containerization
    • Set up container groups to sequence packing processes and create templates that support packing strategies.
  • Mobile Devices

Comparing WHS & WMS II

Advanced Warehousing (WHS)

  • License Plates
  • Work Templates & Work
  • Location Directives
  • Reservation Hierarchy
  • Wave Processing
  • Target License Plates
  • Containerization
  • Mobile Device Integration

Warehouse Management (WMSII)

  • Pallets
  • Pallet Transports
  • Arrival Journal Processing
  • Shipment Reservations
  • Consolidated Picking
  • Picking Pallets
  • N/A
  • ISV Solutions
  • TMS not available

Happy Learning.!

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