Use of Summary Update option ‘Automatic Summary’ in Ax 2012

This feature is available when we confirm, post a packing slip or invoice a SO/PO.

The use of this feature is to summarize all selected orders according to the criteria that is set in the Summary update parameters form, but only if summary updating is specified in the Summary update form. If not, the order will be posted separately.

To understand this feature in practical way, here we take an example of invoice posting of multiple SO based on the criteria set in the Summary Update parameters form.

Main Setup:

  1. Setup of Summary Update option @ customer form

Select a customer -> Setup -> Check the option you want to use for Automatic Summary

Automatic Symmary@Cus







  1. Navigate to A/R Parameters form -> Summary update -> Click on Summary updates parameters form
  2. Select criteria as Currency, Invoice account and Mode of delivery
  3. Close the form

Summary update form



Now create two new orders which should fulfill the matching criteria of above mentioned points;

In following highlighted SO,

  • invoice account is same
  • Currency is same as ‘INR’ (not visible here)
  • Mode of delivery is same ‘AIR’ (not visible here)

2 SO




Select any of the highlighted SO and click ‘Invoice’ button

  • In ‘Posting invoice’ form, click ‘Other’ tab
  • In Summary update drop down field, select option as ‘Automatic summary’
  • Click ‘Select’ button
  • Select both the highlighted orders ‘DYTE-000036’ & ‘DYTE-000038’
  • Press Ok
  • Click on ‘Arrange’ button & system summarize both the orders because of which in Packing sip field, value is changed to  ‘multiple’

Multiple_SO New


Click Ok to post the invoice


Navigate back to posted SO and check the Invoice id generated against both the orders

In following screen, it is clear that both the orders got posted against the same Invoice id

2 SO_Same Inv





In the above mentioned example, if any of the criteria either invoice account, currency or mode of delivery would have been different, system would not have summarized both the orders and posting would have been done separately for both the SO.


Happy Learning!

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