Use of Conversion Feature & Currency Converter Form in Ax 2012.

There are scenarios when a company wants to track its financial information in currency other than the company accounting currency. Currency converter setup helps to achieve this requirement. This setup allows user to setup numeric conversion for online transactions. If the Conversion check box is selected, the system will automatically convert transaction amounts in grids using the exchange rates in the lower pane. To setup currency converter, refer the following form;

General Ledger -> Setup -> Currency -> Currencies


This setup allows users to track its financial information other than its accounting company currency in forms and reports. This conversion is completed by double-clicking the Currency converter in the Status bar in these forms.

Currency Converter


Enter the date used for the conversion in the Date of rate field, eg. 22-01-2013.Then, click a currency to select the new currency. The Currency converter form will automatically close and the Currency field on the status bar displays the new currency.

But remember that exchange rates for the two currencies for the specified date or date range must exist in the system. All the forms, inquiries, and reports that originally displayed amounts in the accounting currency now display the currency selected.

If you want to reset the currency to its default accounting currency, then open the Currency converter form. Click the Reset button to return to the ledger accounting currency.


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