Use of ‘Consolidate Invoices’ functionality for PO in Ax 2012

In previous blogs, we have seen how to use following Summary update options for sales order invoice posting;

Automatic Summary, Invoice account, Order

The same process goes with Purchase order posting, though for PO invoice posting, this feature is not available at PO invoicing form and it follows a different navigation. Let’s see the use of one of the example of Summary update option ‘Automatic summary’;

Main Setup:

  1. Setup of Summary Update option @ vendor master form

Select a vendor -> Setup -> Check the option you want to use for Automatic Summary








  • Navigate to Accounts payable -> Setup -> Summary update parameters form – Invoice
  • Select criteria as Currency, Invoice account and Mode of delivery
  • Close the form

PO_Summary Update



Now create two new orders which should fulfill the matching criteria of above mentioned selection;

In following highlighted PO,

  • invoice account is same
  • Currency is same as ‘INR’ (not visible here)
  • Mode of delivery is same ‘TRUCK’ (not visible here)

PO_Invoice account




  • Navigate to Accounts payable -> Periodic -> Maintain vendor invoices form
  • Click on menu button ‘From product receipt’
  • System opens the new page with the list of orders which are product receipt posted but not invoiced
  • Select above mentioned orders 37 and 39 which have common Invoice account as DYTE-000001
  • Press Ok
  • Don’t forget to mention ‘Invoice number’ for both the selected orders

PO_Selection of Prod Rec







• Now click on menu button ‘Consolidate invoices’
• System opens a new screen
• Select Order type as ‘Purchase order’
• Select summary update option as ‘Automatic summary’

PO_Selection of Automatic sum








  • Click ‘Consolidate’
  • Here system validates the parameters defined in ‘Summary update parameters’ form. If all parameters get validated, system will consolidate both the orders and post both the orders against single invoice id.
  • In case of parameters do not get validated, system will post both the orders separately.

Since in our case all the parameters are fulfilled, system should consolidate both the orders.

Here system consolidates both the orders against single Invoice id.

PO_Single Invoice Id






Press Ok to post the invoice.


To cross check if both the orders got posted against the same Invoice id, navigate to PO form and verify the Invoice id of both the orders.


Happy learning!

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