Setting up Auto charges in Ax 2012

Auto charges also referred to Automatic charges, is a functionality whereby we can apply specific set of charges automatically to any Sales Order/Purchase Order. This kind of a¬†functionality is required when the user has to add a specific charge on all the PO/SO created. Let’s say Loading & Unloading charges […]

Use of Conversion Feature & Currency Converter Form in Ax 2012.

There are scenarios when a company wants to track its financial information in currency other than the company accounting currency. Currency converter setup helps to achieve this requirement. This setup allows user to setup numeric conversion for online transactions. If the Conversion check box is selected, the system will automatically […]

Create Charges code in Ax 2012 5

In the real-time business scenarios there may¬†be¬†some additional expenses (over & above the goods value)¬†incurred on the purchase or sales transactions;¬†these expenses can be¬†freight, loading & unloading charges, insurance etc. There are¬†2 scenarios To add the expenses to the total purchase order or vendor invoice To load the value of […]

Purchase Cycle

During our functional stints with different systems & clients we often come across a term purchase cycle. In this topic we shall see what a purchase cycle actually is when it comes to the practical world. The purchase cycle is nothing other than the set of processes that a business […]