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How to settle open vendor transaction by using ‘Settle open transactions’ form in Ax 2012

If you want to settle open vendor transactions, you can use ‘Settle open transactions’ form.   In the following example, we have 2 open transactions against a vendor; 1st, credit transaction with an amount of 150 against an open purchase invoice to be paid 2nd, debit transaction with an amount […]

What are inventory models in Ax 2012

There are many inventory model options available in Ax. Companies select inventory model of their choice based on their business nature. Let’s have a look on available inventory models in Ax and their meaning;                 In the following example, we can understand how […]

Use of ‘Consolidate Invoices’ functionality for PO in Ax 2012

In previous blogs, we have seen how to use following Summary update options for sales order invoice posting; Automatic Summary, Invoice account, Order The same process goes with Purchase order posting, though for PO invoice posting, this feature is not available at PO invoicing form and it follows a different […]

Accounting entries for Purchase Receipt & Invoice

Ax 2012 has introduced a major change in the accounting framework for recording the purchase receipts & Invoices. In Ax 2012 the system provides 2 new accounts Purchase expenditure, un-invoiced & Purchase expenditure for product. Purchase expenditure, un-invoiced – This has been introduced as a control account to offset main […]

Use of Summary Update option ‘Automatic Summary’ in Ax 2012

This feature is available when we confirm, post a packing slip or invoice a SO/PO. The use of this feature is to summarize all selected orders according to the criteria that is set in the Summary update parameters form, but only if summary updating is specified in the Summary update form. If not, […]

Invoice posting of multiple SO together in Ax 2012

If you want to do invoice posting of multiple SO together then Ax 2012 comes with a feature where you can achieve it. Please note that this feature is different from the one posted in the following blog; The above mentioned blog speaks about feature where multiple SO invoice […]

Transactions do not get posted in ledger accounts during packing slip posting in Ax 2012

For PO Product Receipt Posting in Ledger If you are facing a problem that no entry is created during packing slip posting and concerned ledger accounts do not get hit then check a small following setup; Navigate to Accounts payable -> Setup -> Accounts payable parameters -> Updates and check […]

Invoice posting of multiple sales order against the single Invoice Id in Ax 2012

In real time business, there are scenarios when customer requests to create single invoice for the multiple un-invoiced sales orders. In Ax 2012, we have a feature where we can post single invoice for multiple un-invoiced sales orders for the same customer. In following example, we have 2 packing slip posted […]

Error: Overdelivery of line is xx.xx percent, but the allowed overdelivery is only xx.xx percent.

In real time business we come across to the scenarios where we have to accept the delivery with the excess quantity of what is actually ordered. Ax provides a feature of overdelivery acceptance where we can define a set overdelivery percentage against an item. Refer the following link to check the […]

How does overdelivery functionality works in Ax 2012

In real time business, there are scenarios where vendor delivers quantity in excess. To adjust the excess quantity in the same order, Ax provides a feature of overdelivery acceptance. In system, we can define a set overdelivery percentage against an item. When purchasing the item, system accepts the excess quantity […]

How to cancel deliver remainder in Ax 2012 5

To cancel PO deliver remainder, refer the following steps; Create a new PO with quantity 10 Confirm PO Post the packing slip with 8 quantity To cancel the deliver remainder of 2 quantity, navigate to menu button General -> Line quantity -> Update Line -> Deliver remainder       […]

Periodic Journals in Ax 2012

During the course of business there are various scenarios where the users have to pass same journal entries on a periodic basis. This means that at the end of a specific period a specific transaction will re-occur, so to avoid re-creation of journals every time the transaction occurs Ax provides […]