Supplementary Sales Items in Ax 2012

When we buy a mobile phone there are some accessories bundled with the mobile phone, ever wondered how these would be tracked in the systems when the sales are recorded. In Ax such items are termed as Supplementary sales items.

In a simple terminology any item which is supplied to a customer along with the items ordered in a sales orders are termed as supplementary sales items. These items may or may not be charged to the customers in the Sales order. Similarly these items may or may not be stocked.

In order to use the Supplementary sales item functionality we need to define the relation between the main item & the supplementary items.

The Supplementary sales items can be configured as:

  1. Product information management –> Common –> Released Products
  2. Click on the Sell tab –> Related Information –> Supplementary sales item in the Action menu
  3. On the Supplementary sales item form that has just opened define:
    1. Account Code: determine if the supplementary item will be applicable for specific customer or all customers
    2. Account selection: if defined, the supplementary item shall be applicable for the specific customer.
    3. Unit: determines the applicability of the supplementary items based on specific unit
    4. Quantity Limit: The value (if defined) determines the minimum quantity for which the system will calculate the supplementary items. Eg. if the quantity limit = 5 then until the sales order has quantity grater than or equal to 5, for the item configured the system will not calculate the Supplementary items
    5. Size/Configuration/Color: Define any specific dimension if required to calculate the supplementary items
    6. Supplementary Quantity: Determines the quantity of the supplementary items to be calculated for a quantity of main item on sales order
    7. Multiple Quantity: Determines the sales quantity multiplier for calculating the Supplementary items
    8. Date Interval: Determines if the supplementary item calculations are restricted to a specific period
    9. Free of charge: determines if the supplementary item is chargeable or free
    10. Optional: Determines if the supplementary item is optional to be calculated, this give the users an option to calculate the supplementary items on a specific SO
    11. Once Only: Determines if the supplementary item is to be calculated on a recurring basis or just once.

This is how the supplementary item setup screen looks like


Configuring the above relation between the main item & the supplementary item we can proceed with the calculation of supplementary items in the sales orders.

Calculating Supplementary items on a Sales order

  1. Create a sales order, define the desired values
  2. Select the main item which has the supplementary items setup & define the required fields
  3. Access menu, Sales order lines –> Calculate –> Supplementary items




This will calculate & populate the additional lines for the supplementary items in the Sales order.

Happy Learning.!

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