Setting up Recurring Free Text invoice in Ax 2012

To set up recurring free text invoice in ax 2012, refer the following steps;

  • Create a free text invoice template
  • Assign it to one or multiple customers
  • Generate recurring invoice
  • Post recurring invoice
  • Detailed steps: –

Navigate to Accounts receivables -> Setup -> Free text invoice templates

FTI Temp


Assign template to one or multiple customers.

Navigate to Accounts receivables -> Common -> All customers

Click menu Invoice -> Recurring invoices

Rec. Inv


On the Invoice tab page click on “Recurring invoices” and define the setup for the recurring invoice. Select the template you have created, fill in a billing start date and end date or choose the maximum cumulative amount you want to charge. Define the recurrence (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly) and how often in this period you want to charge the amount. Go back to the list page for all customers and repeat this step for other customers.

Generate recurring invoice –

Navigate to Generate recurring invoice (Company –> Accounts receivable –> Periodic –> Recurring invoices –> Generate recurring invoices)

Gene. Rec. Inv








Click Ok

Post the invoice –

Navigate to Accounts receivable –> Periodic –> Recurring invoices –> Post recurring invoices

Select journal which got created during ‘Generate recurring invoice’ step

Click lines, Post the lines;

Rec. Inv. Lines







You can also keep track of all the recurring invoices in the” All free text invoices” form;

FTI Confirmation







Happy learning!

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