Reason Codes/Information codes/Infocodes

Reason codes are information codes that the system prompts POS users to define at the time of entering a transaction.
The reason codes can be defined for transactions such as Sales, Returns or a customer selection.

The input the reason codes can be either from a list or a manual entry, the infromation captured is normally either a text, date or a number.In addition to capturing data at the time of recording a transactions the reason codes can also be assisgned to pre-defined store actions, retail items, Tender types, Customers & specific POS activities.

Creating Reason codes

Retail -> Setup -> Reason codes

  • Click New to create a new Reason code
  • Define values in fields:
    • Reason code number: Unique Identifier
    • Description: Description for the Reason code
    • Prompt: Title of action the POS user needs to perform
    • Input type: Used to validate the data entered for the reason codes, based on pre-defined types
    • None: Input any value or leave blank
    • Sub Code list: Refers to any funtion defined at the sub code
    • Date: Prompt for date only.
    • Numeric: Input a numeric data.
    • Item: Allows cashiers to select an item that is not visible on POS for sales but is available in database.
    • Customer: Can select a customer from a list.
    • Staff: can select the cashier Id.
    • Text: Input Text information
    • Sub Code buttons: Refers to any funtion defined at the sub code
    • Age limit: define that age limit for a customer to purchase item.
General Fast tab
  • Input Required: Select if cashier to define value on the reason code prompt
  • One time for each transaction: use it to define the frequency of defining the value in reason code
  • Linked Reason Code: Select associated reason code when the reason code is closed.
  • Maximum Values: Max. amount the staff can enter
  • Minimum Values: Min. amount the staff can enter
  • Maximum Length: Max. length of infocode
  • Minimum Length: Min. length of infocode
  • Frequency Percentage: Sets a frequency for the infocode to appear while recording transactions on the POS
  • Store Inventory: Select if the reason code is to be used for counting.
Printing Fast tab
  • Print prompt on receipt: Select if you need to print the prompt question on receipt
  • Print input on receipt: Select if you need to print the response to the prompt on receipt
  • Print input name on receipt: Select if you need to print the input name of the information on the receipt

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