Periodic Journals in Ax 2012

During the course of business there are various scenarios where the users have to pass same journal entries on a periodic basis. This means that at the end of a specific period a specific transaction will re-occur, so to avoid re-creation of journals every time the transaction occurs Ax provides a feature wherein we can prepare periodic journals.

Consider Co. ABC ltd has to pay the Rent for the office on 1st of every month. Since the amount of rent will normally be equated for all the months the user can create a periodic journal & on the 1st of every month recalls the journal with exact accounting dates.

Create a Periodic Journal
General Ledger –> Periodic –> Periodic Journal.

Create a new Journal.










Click lines button

Create the journal lines & define the values.

  • In case you want the journal to be used more than 1 time but not on specific dates then leave the dates blank
  • In case you want to use the journal on specific dates & want the dates to be populated automatically; enter the starting date.

As in the below screenshot we have defined the date.Pj2

Number of Units: this field denotes the period interval we need to maintain; in our example this will be 1.

Unit: Select the measure of unit to be used, in our example it will be month

Last Date: this field is updated by the system as & when a periodic journal is retrieved & posted; though the field is editable this is where the system identifies the new dates to be suggested on the General Journal.

Let’s say the value in this field is 10/10/2013; next time the journal is retrieved the system will suggest new accounting date as 10/10/2013 + 1 month.

Save & close the form; now we can use this journal at the specific time as we require.

To retrieve a Periodic Journal:

Create a new General Journal @ General Ledger –> Journals –> General Journal

Click lines

Click Menu button Period Journal –> Retrieve Journal






Select the To date; the date on which the system should suggest new journal

Select the Journal number you would like to retrieve

Copy or Move: select this option very carefully as Copy will retain the original Periodic Journal where as move will remove the periodic journal once the values are transferred to the current journal












Click ok to retrieve the Periodic journal on the General Journal.

Note the Date values suggested on the new journal these will be as per the setup done on the interval fields in the Periodic Journal




Happy Learning.!


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