Number Sequences for Fixed Assets

The following three options are available for assigning numbers to Fixed assets:

When working with Fixed Assets in Ax, the system provides 3 ways of maintaining the number sequences for the fixed assets.

  1. Manually assign numbers: The users can assign numbers manually incase the company has a limited set of fixed assets. There is not major setup required for using number sequence in this scenario
  2. Using a single number sequence: In case the users want to maintain a specific number sequence for the fixed assets in the company they can setup a single number sequence & set it as a default number sequence on the fixed assets parameter form.
  3. Number sequence based on fixed asset groups: When there are large number of fixed assets involved in the company the tracking becomes a bit difficult. In such a case the users can define the number sequence based on fixed assets groups.

When defining the fixed asset groups a default number sequence for barcodes can be selected, when a fixed asset is assigned to a fixed asset group the barcode number will be automatically assigned based on the setup.

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