New features in Ax 7 Finance

We all have been waiting for Ax 7, though there has been no official announcement on the release of the version we have got some insight on the new features in the version. Here we list out some new features in Ax 7 Finance.

Financial Management
1. Export account structures to Excel: Handling/maintaining account structures was never easy, with Ax 7 you can now select an account structure and export that to Excel.
2. View ledgers and advanced rule structures associated with an account structure on a single form Fact boxes have been added to the account structure form
3. Filter Management Reporter (labeled Financial reporting in ‘AX 7’) reports based on dimension, attributes, dates, and scenarios Report options have been added so when viewing a report, different filters can be applied and a new report is generated based on those filters
4. View Management Reporter (financial reports) within the ‘AX 7’ client A list of all financial reports can be accessed within the ‘AX 7’ client. The user selects a report to view, and the report is rendered within the ‘AX 7’ client.
5. Monitor budget vs actual and create ledger forecasts using the Ledger budgets and forecasts workspace and additional inquiry forms The workspace can be accessed through the ‘AX 7’ dashboard. It includes links to a number of new inquiry forms: Actuals vs budget summary, Budget control statistic summary, Budget register entries, Budget plans
6. Create layouts for budget plans and forecasts An unlimited number of layouts is available for budget plans and forecasts. You can combine selected financial dimensions, user defined columns, and other row attributes (such as comments, projects, assets, etc.) in the layout. Users can switch the layout for the budget plan document on the fly and edit data using any selected layout. Budget planning configuration is simplified by eliminating scenario constraints and using layouts to define which data can be viewed and edited in each budget plan document stage.
7. Print the Vendor Invoice Transactions report with information from the Detailed Due Day List which includes the days past due. The information contained on the two reports were consolidated onto the “Vendor Invoice Transactions” report. The Detailed Due Day List was deprecated

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