Making Payment of Multiple Invoices against One Payment Voucher in Ax 2012

There are scenarios where vendors want to settle their due invoices payment against one payment voucher.

To achieve this functionality, system provides a feature in ‘Methods of Payment’ form. Here you have following 4 options against drop down field ‘Period’ in Method of payments form;

Method of payment










  • Invoice: Create one payment transfer for each invoice. This is the default value for this field.
  • Date: Combine all invoices that have the same due date.
  • Week: Combine all invoices that have a due date in the same week.
  • Total: Combine all invoices from a vendor in the same payment.

Let’s check one of the example where 2 different purchase order having same method of payment which consists period value as ‘Total’.

In above screen print, select period value as ‘Total’ against method of payment ‘A’.

Create and Invoice both of the purchase orders.

Navigate to payment journal.

  • Create a new journal
  • Go to lines –> Payment proposal –> Create payment proposal

Payment proposal











Here both the invoices had same method of payment ‘A’ which is having period value as ‘Total’. Because of having same method of payment, system combines both the invoice value and propose the payment with the combined value of 225.

Click on Transfer menu button to push the payment proposal line to payment journal to complete the payment process.


Happy Learning!

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