Maintaining Record Templates in Ax 2012 3

Ax 2012 provides a feature to maintain record(s) as templates, this enables users to create records with reduced efforts. The record template feature is limited to specific masters, however this still is a very handy tool whereby the users can mark specific records as templates & re-use them to create other records. Released product, Customers, Vendors etc. are some of the forms which have the record template feature.

Creating a Record Template:

  1. Access any form as mentioned above (those having the Record template feature.)
  2. Select a specific record to be marked as template.
  3.  Right click –> Record info
  4. Select the type of template to be created:
    1. User template – User specific template.
    2. Company accounts template – Available to all users in the legal entity
    3. System template – Templates used for the system forms; eg. users.
  5. Define a template name & description & click Ok to save the template.

Refer screenshot below:

Templ1 Tmpl2

Modify a Record Template:

  1. Home –> Setup –> Record Template
  2. Select the table for which the template is to be modified.
  3. Navigate to Templates tab & select the template to be modified.
  4. Click edit to modify the template.

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