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In cases of large companies having high volumes of distribution of goods and shipments it may be difficult to track the details manually, in such a case Ax has a feature of integrating the system with some renowned Shipping Carrier interfaces, this not only reduces efforts but also helps the users get the accurate information available in the system.

In order to activate this, the system should have the Shipping Carrier configuration key (available under the group Trade) enabled.

The setups involve the following:

  1. Enable Carrier interfaces
  2. Maintain Carrier Company
  3. Maintain Carrier Id
  4. Attach to Mode of Delivery.

Carrier Interfaces: Determines what kind of Carrier interface the system will be contacting to and what information it will require. In case the organization does not wants to use the interface but track shipping information manually, the users can enable the field Test mode.

Inventory Management –> Setup –> Shipping Carrier –> Carrier Interfaces


Carrier Company: This setup enables users to maintain information for the carrier companies that will be used for shipments, in this setup we can maintain the companies, link to the shipment tracking page, details about the charges, and also information about its subsidiary companies who may be used for shipping the goods.

Inventory Management –> Setup –> Shipping Carrier –> Carrier Company


Carrier Id: Carrier id, is used as a placeholder that determines what kind of carrier services and companies will be used. The user can select the Carrier id on the mode on delivery which will trigger the shipment tracking details according to the interface selected.

Inventory Management –> Setup –> Shipping Carrier –> Carrier Ids


Once these setups are completed, the carrier id is attached to the Mode of Delivery. When ever the Sales order is created and the respective Mode of Delivery is selected, the system would trigger the Shipping carrier functionality. In case the Test mode is enabled on the Carrier interface, the system will open a dialog to fill in the shipping details.


Once the details are entered on this form, the system stores it in reference to the Packing slip journal and the same can be viewed on the Packing Slip Journal form.



Hope this post would come handy for those who need to maintain the Carrier shipment details.

Happy Learning.!



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