Lead time planned purchase orders

Defining purchase lead times on a vendor, a vendor trade agreement, an item’s coverage settings, or an item.

During master scheduling in Ax, system searches for the purchase lead time according to the following priority:

  1. The Item coverage form –> Lead time tab. If the Purchase check box is selected, the Purchase time field is used.
  2. The Site specific order settings form –> Purchase order tab –> Purchase lead time field.
  3. The Default order settings form –> Purchase order tab –> Purchase lead time field.

A purchase lead time identified by using above method can be overridden, if a vendor is found based on trade agreements then the lead time from the trade agreement is used.

This applies in following conditions:

  1. No vendor is assigned to the item.
  2. The Find trade agreements check box is selected on the Master planning parameters form –> Planned orders tab.

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