Journal Control in Ax 2012 3

In addition to the account structure where we can control the account & dimension combination, Ax 2012 is packed with an option where we can implement better control at the Journal.

These controls can be:

  1. To restrict the type of accounts we can use on the Journal
  2. The dimension values that can be used along with a ledger account.

To setup Journal control:

General Ledger –>Setup –> Journal –> Journal names

Select a specific Journal name.

Jnl1Click the Journal control button on the menu

A new form will pop up.

Access the Fast tab: Which account types can be posted?

Here we can define which account types will be allowed to post for the journal selected.

Company Accounts: Select the company code for which the control shall be applicable.

Account Type: Select the type of account shall be allowed for transaction, available options are

  1. Ledger
  2. Customer
  3. Vendor
  4. Bank
  5. Fixed Assets
  6. Projects



Access the Fast tab: Which segment values are valid for this Journal?

Company accounts: Auto populated based on the value selected in the above tab

Account structure: select the account structure for which the control will be applicable for

Segment: Select the dimension segment

From Value: Define the dimension value (these 2 fields determine the range of dimension values)

To Value: Define the dimension value (these 2 fields determine the range of dimension values)

Consider the below screenshots for the configuration of the Journal control.



Impact of the Journal control on Journal:

Referring to the above Journal Control setup:

Journal lines that will be created without any error:

JnlentryJournal lines created with error:

Since the control is defined against the Account type ledger, any other value in account type will prompt the error.


Happy Learning.!

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