Invoice posting of multiple SO together in Ax 2012

If you want to do invoice posting of multiple SO together then Ax 2012 comes with a feature where you can achieve it. Please note that this feature is different from the one posted in the following blog;

The above mentioned blog speaks about feature where multiple SO invoice posting can be done against the same Invoice ID (with the condition of having the same customer). Here we talk about Invoice posting of multiple SO but with the unique invoice Ids where customers can be different.

In following example, we have 3 packing slip posted SO for different customers;

Different SO

  • Select any of the sales order
  • Click menu button ‘Invoice’
  • System opens the ‘Posting invoice’ form
  • Click ‘Other’ tab
  • In field ‘Summary update for’, select option ‘Packing slip’
  • Click button ‘Select’
  • & select sales order that needs to be invoiced

Different SO










  • Click ‘Ok’
  • System invoice all the 3 SO @ one go
  • Check the Invoice id of all the 3 posted SO & you find them different;

All having diff Id










Happy Learning!

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