Invoice posting of multiple sales order against the single Invoice Id in Ax 2012

In real time business, there are scenarios when customer requests to create single invoice for the multiple un-invoiced sales orders. In Ax 2012, we have a feature where we can post single invoice for multiple un-invoiced sales orders for the same customer.

In following example, we have 2 packing slip posted SO for the same customer;



  • Select any one of the sales order (in our case DYTE-000004) and click Invoice button. System opens ‘Invoice Posting’ form,
  • Click on ‘Other’ tab, and expand drop down field ‘Summary update for’,
  • Select option as ‘Order’,

Posting Invoice










On the same form, click ‘Select’ button

In selection criteria, select both the sales orders which to be invoice posted together;

Sales update







  • Click ‘Ok’
  • System gets back to the ‘Posting Invoice’ form
  • Against Sales order drop down field, select another sales order ‘DYTE-000005’ and click on ‘Arrange’ button
  • System summaries both the packing slip of different sales orders and packing slip field is updated as ‘Multiple’

Multiple Invoice









  • Now post the invoice by clicking ‘Ok’ button
  • System updates both the un-invoiced sales orders
  • Let’s confirm if both the orders invoiced against the same invoice id;
  • Navigate to Invoice journal form of sales order ‘DYTE-000004’ or ‘DYTE-000005’
  • Check the invoice id which is posted with Invoice id DYTE-000001

Invoice Id





Click on ‘Lines’ tab

Here we can see both the sales order got posted together against the same Invoice id

Same Invoice Id






Happy Learning!

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