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Generic currency option provides the users to maintain a set of base prices list in a specific currency. This set of base prices are used to later create Trade agreements with different customers in different currencies.

The Generic currency functionality can be activated based on:

1. Defining the generic currency @ Accounts receivable –> Setup –> Accounts Receivable parameters –> Prices –> Generic currency. This field determines the currency that will be considered when using include generic currency option on the trade agreements.

2. Defining the Exchange rate type @ Accounts receivable –> Setup –> Accounts Receivable parameters –> Prices –> Exchange rate type. This field determines the exchange rate type that will be applicable on the trade agreements with generic currency.

3. Creating Trade agreement with Customers @ Sales & Marketing –> Journals –> Trade agreements.

Open the journal lines & define the details with the Currency defined as the generic currency. Once all the details are defined select the Include generic currency Checkbox at the line.

This checkbox helps the system identify that whenever this trade agreement is found the system will irrespective of the currency on the Sales order line will calculate the prices.


Generic currency = INR

Trade agreement posted with INR & Include generic currency = Yes

Create a Sales order with currency as USD.

Ensure all other details like dates, units etc are similar to the above trade agreement. In such a case the system will trigger the above trade agreement and convert the price from the trade agreement to USD.

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One thought on “Include generic currency

  • Stephen

    Great feature…will be helpful for companies dealing with the same customer having global offices & want to have a specific price all across!

    Thanks for detailed info 🙂