Importance of Change Management Feature in Ax 2012

Change management provides a managed workflow which ensures that purchase orders are locked once they have been approved. The purchase order cannot be changed until the workflow is started. The details for the changes to the purchase orders are stored in a history log.

Before getting into the details of the approval process we need to understand the life cycle of the purchase order during the change process.

There are 6 stages that a purchase order goes through during the approval:

Draft: A newly created PO is in a draft stage until it is submitted for approval
In review: The PO has been submitted & the approval is pending
Rejected: The PO was rejected during the approval process
Approved: The PO has been approved
Confirmed: The PO has been confirmed. A PO cannot be confirmed till it is approved
Finalized: The PO was finalized and is financially closed


Setup of activation of Change management feature:

1. Navigate to Procurement & Sourcing -> Setup -> Procurement & Sourcing Parameters
2. Access the General Fast tab
3. Select Activate change management checkbox
4. Allow override of settings per vendor (use this field when change management is activated and you want to maintain the applicability of the change management at Company level/Vendor level/PO level)

a. Applicability of workflow at company level is determined by the Activate Change management parameter @ Procurement & sourcing parameters

Activate change






b. Applicability of workflow at Vendor is identified based on the following:

i.      Allow override of settings per vendor @ Procurement & sourcing parameters

Per Vendor





ii.      Activate change management @ Vendor details -> Purchase Order defaults -> Override setting & Activate change management field












c.       Applicability of workflow at PO is identified based on the following:

i.      Allow override of settings per vendor @ Procurement sourcing parameters

Per Vendor

ii. Activate change management & Override settings @ Vendor details -> Purchase Order defaults -> Change management for Purchase orders group

iii.      Allow override of settings per purchase order @ Vendor details -> Purchase Order defaults -> Change management for Purchase orders group











The value of this field is replicated on the purchase order -> Header view -> Setup tab -> Activate Change management

Once the above is done create a PO approval workflow refer link to know more.


Happy Learning!

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