How to Remove Un-Marked Transactions, Marked for Settlement in Ax 2012 2

By navigating to Vendor ‘Settle Open Transactions’ or Customer ‘Settle Open Transactions’, you can see some transactions are marked for settlement with red hand sign in “Is marked” column. Un-marking such transactions is only possible by finding the offset transaction and deleting the link. Though it could be a nightmare if someone else has picked it for settlement and you are not aware which user has done it and against which transaction.

Red Hand Mark


If you can not find a trace where it has been marked for settlement and still want to remove the link, navigate to ‘Settle open transactions’ form for Customer/Vendor. Select the particular transaction, right click -> Record Info -> Show all fields and copy the Record-ID.

For next step, navigate to AOT using the table browser to directly access the data of SpecTrans table. The table SpecTrans contains all transactions marked for settlement. Find the record-id you previously copied against RefRecID column.

Delete the found SpecTrans record to remove the marking.

It is to be noted here that accessing AOT is definitely not a good idea. Though we do not have any other solution for this issue. We appreciate if you have any alternate solution for the same.

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