How to Print Vendor Representative Name on Checks in Ax 2012 1

Sometimes, checks are written in the name of representative of the Vendor company and not against the company name. For such scenarios, we will see how to print the checks in Ax 2012.

Steps –

  1. Navigate to Vendor master
  2. Create a new Vendor or Edit any existing Vendor
  3. Expand fast tab ‘Addresses’
  4. System will open a new form
  5. Mention the vendor’s representative name in the ‘Name or description’ field. For example – Mr. Aditya Dhamija
  6. In the next field, select the purpose as ‘Payment’
  7. Save and Close the form

Vendor Representative













Now navigate to Vendor Payment Journal

  1. Create a new payment journal and go to lines
  2. Create a new payment line selecting Vendor as Debit and Bank as an Offset account
  3. Generate and Print a new Check
  4. Verify the Check Recipient name

Check Payment






Happy Learning!

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One thought on “How to Print Vendor Representative Name on Checks in Ax 2012

  • imran Ul Haq


    I tried the above explained process but not able to achieve the same, rather instead of “Payment” as the purpose i select “remit to” and then it work fine.