How to Generate Standard Report in DD/MM/YY format in Ax 2012

While working in multiple countries, a major requirement comes from the clients of how to generate standard reports in DD/MM/YY format.

When analysed the reason, we came to know that our language setting which makes this difference. We were selecting “en-us” when a new entity is created.


Navigate to the following path to change the language setting;

File -> Tools -> Options -> General Tab -> Options -> Change the Language from EN-US to EN-IN

Change Language


Close the application and re-open it. Generate any standard report, report will show the date printed in DD/MM/YY format.

It is to be noted that its a user specific setting and do not apply for all. Changing the language this way supersedes entity level set up the specific user.

To mention it clearly, it is only a workaround to satisfy your client requirement 🙂


Happy Learning!


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