How to Create Journal Name for Different Journal Types in Ax 2012

We have seen scenarios when we want to create a new journal but since there is no journal linked with the respective journal, we can not go ahead unless we create a new journal for the same.

For example, In my newly created company, I want to create a General journal to post a journal entry of miscel. expenses paid. However when I navigate to General journal and click New, system doesn’t find journal name. To create a new journal name, right click mouse and click ‘View details’ to navigate to Journal names form.

Can also navigate from: General ledger -> Setup -> Journals -> Journal names


Press Ctrl+N or click New

Fill all the relevant information like Name, Description, Voucher series. However which journal type to be selected is a question here.

Journal type selection












To check which journal type is correct for which journal, refer the following steps;

  • Go back to your journal form. In our case go back to General journal form
  • Click on ‘General’ tab
  • Here you check ‘Journal Type

Journal type













Now the same journal type can be selected at the time of creation of new journal name.


The another example we can have of Payment journal. To check which payment journal type to be selected @ Journal names form, navigate to Payment journal form -> General tab;

Payment Journal










Happy Learning!

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