How to cancel Posted Product receipt for Purchase Order in Ax 2012 1

If you have posted a packing slip but you want to abort it, there is a way here. In the following screen print, PO is packing slip posted;









To cancel the Product receipt, click on the above mentioned highlighted menu ‘Product receipt’. System opens the following form;

Click on Cancel;

PO PS Cancel






Once ‘Cancel’ is clicked, system throws the following info message;

PO PS Yes_No





Click ‘Yes’ & system cancel the packing slip.

System also enabled back ‘Product receipt’ button. See the following screen;

PO Prod Rec.








To reconfirm if packing slip is cancelled and quantity is not shipped, refer the following navigation;

Accounts payable -> Common -> Purchase orders -> All purchase orders -> Select related purchase order -> Click on General menu -> Click on Line quantity menu button

Deliver Remainder




See the highlighted field where system shows deliver remainder is 10 i.e. Product receiptĀ is successfully cancelled.


P.S. Once order is invoiced, you can not use this functionality.


Happy Learning!

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One thought on “How to cancel Posted Product receipt for Purchase Order in Ax 2012

  • benjamin84

    My user accindentally created 2 product receipt, quantity 3 for each product receipt.

    po quantity is 12

    my user cancel 1 of product receipt.

    but the remainder qty still 6,

    we using po approval,
    but that po created before we implement po approval.

    please help