How to Calculate Month Difference Between Two Dates – Excel Formula

Excel is an essential tool for a consultant life and especially for functional ones. In this interesting and helpful excel series, we will try to share few quick excel formulas which we may need on regular basis.

Today I got stuck into one situation where I wanted to calculate month difference between two dates. This required when I wanted to calculate remaining service life of fixed assets. I had opening balance date and asset life end date, but the excel formula which helped me to calculate no. of months between these two dates comes with the following example;

Opening balance date : 31-10-15 (A1 cell)

Asset life end date : 31-05-17 (B1 cell)

Put following formula in C1 cell =DATEDIF(A1,B1,”M”)

Result = 19

Few little tricks may solve bigger problems 🙂


Happy Learning!


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