How to auto populate the Country code when adding addresses in Dynamics Ax 2012

In this post, we will let you know how to auto populate the country code when adding new address in Dynamics Ax 2012.

This can be very meaningful and time saving requirement if you have users in multiple countries that are entering new addresses for Vendors, Customers and Workers.

When adding addresses in Ax, the country/region code actually pulls from the default user options.

In the following example, we will add a new Customer address when the default country/region code is not populated. Here, user has to manually select the country/region code since it is a mandatory selection field.

Customer Addre

















To set the default country /region code on user basis, refer the following process;

Navigate to File menu -> Tools -> Options























Then General tab -> Options -> Select Default country/region













Navigate back to the Customer master to update address of the Customer;

Now system auto populates the Country/region.



















Happy Teaching!


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