How does overdelivery functionality works in Ax 2012

In real time business, there are scenarios where vendor delivers quantity in excess. To adjust the excess quantity in the same order, Ax provides a feature of overdelivery acceptance. In system, we can define a set overdelivery percentage against an item. When purchasing the item, system accepts the excess quantity considering the following formula;

Ordered item quantity+Overdelivery % of ordered item quantity

To perform this scenario in Ax 2012, refer the following steps;

  • Navigate to Accounts payable -> Common -> Purchase orders -> All purchase orders
  • Create a new PO with the quantity of 10
  • Confirm the PO


Now you receive 12 quantity instead of 10 i.e. 20% excess of actual ordered quantity. To close the order with the acceptance of 12 quantity, refer the following steps.

For packing slip posting, click on menu button ‘Product receipt’

On packing slip form, mention receiving quantity as 12 in Lines tab;










On the same line in ‘Lines’ tab, check checkbox field ‘Close for receipt’ and click ‘Ok’

Close for receipt_overdeli





System post the packing slip with 12 quantity.

To confirm packing slip is posted and no delivery is remainder, navigate to menu button ‘General’ and click on ‘Line quantity’

Delivery remainder field is blank i.e. no quantity is pending to deliver.

Deliver Remain_Overdel





To check if all the setups are properly defined, refer the following link;


Happy Learning!

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