Generating Intrastat Transactions in Ax 2012 1

In the earlier post we tried to understand the basic requirement of Intrastat transactions. In this post we will see the steps involved in Ax 2012 to configure the Intrastat parameters & generating transactions.

Generating Intrast transactions require certain pre-requisites explained in the next section, to be fulfilled.

Creating Transaction
Generating Intrastat transaction reporting



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One thought on “Generating Intrastat Transactions in Ax 2012

  • Jodi Auld

    Thank you for the above info, very useful. However I am still having issues so was looking for some answers please?

    is this field mandatory> – Branch number extension export field
    will having too much on this hinder the functionality if some of the fields are not completed – Compress, and select the criteria that must be identical for the compression of Intrastat order lines.

    Thanks in adv