Error : Worker cannot be deleted while dependent Position worker assignments exist. Delete dependent Position worker assignments and try again in Ax 2012

While deleting a Worker / Employee in HR module in Ax, sometimes we face the following error message;

Worker Deletion Error

This error comes since employee is linked to a position. We need to delete the position first to delete the worker / employee, however there is no delete option on position form.

Solution : We need to delete the record from the table “HcmPositionWorkerAssignment”. Filter with the worker id or position id in this table and delete the record using ALT + F9.

How to search correct worker id or position id record in HcmPositionWorkerAssignment table —

Search desired employee in HcmWorker table using its Personnel Id. Copy the RecId of the selected record and search in HcmPositionWorkerAssignment table in Worker column.

Search desired employee position in HcmPosition table using its position id. Copy the RecId of the selected record and search in HcmPositionWorkerAssignment table in Position column.

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