Error: Underdelivery of line is xx.xx percent, but the allowed underdelivery is only 0.00 percent in Ax 2012

While using the underdelivery functionality, there is a following common error we face;

Error_Under delivery











To fix this issue, check the following setups;

  1. Make sure configuration key is enabled. If configuration key is disabled, no under deliveries are allowed. To check if key is enabled/disabled, navigate to the following path;
    1. System administrator -> Setup -> Licensing -> License configuration.
    2. License code – Trade and Logistics,
    3. Parent key – Trade.
    4. License Config






2. Check, ‘Accept underdelivery’ parameter is checked @ Procurement & sourcing¬† -> Setup -> Procurement & sourcing parameters -> Updates -> Accept underdelivery

Accept Underdelivery






3. Check if Underdelivery % is defined against the respective item @ Released product details form






If all these setups are properly defined, no issue to accept underdelivery.


Happy Learning!

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