Error: Overdelivery of line is xx.xx percent, but the allowed overdelivery is only xx.xx percent.

In real time business we come across to the scenarios where we have to accept the delivery with the excess quantity of what is actually ordered. Ax provides a feature of overdelivery acceptance where we can define a set overdelivery percentage against an item. Refer the following link to check the Ax overdelivery feature;

During use of overdelivery feature, we may face the issue where system throws the error message of ‘Overdelivery of line is xx.xx percent, but the allowed overdelivery is only xx.xx percent’. If you face such issue, check the following setups;

Make sure configuration key is enabled. If configuration key is disabled, no over deliveries are allowed. To check if key is enabled/disabled, navigate to the following path;

  1. System administrator -> Setup -> Licensing -> License configuration.
  2. License code – Trade and Logistics,
  3. Parent key – Trade.

License Config







2. Check, ‘Accept overdelivery’ parameter is checked @ Procurement & sourcing  -> Setup -> Procurement & sourcing parameters -> Updates -> Accept overdelivery

Accept Overdelivery





3. Check if overdelivery % is defined against the respective item @ Released product details form

Item Overdelivery




If all these setups are properly defined, no issue to accept overdelivery.


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