Sales Order types in Ax

When creating a sales order, users must specify the type of order that it is. Users can select one of the types described below;

Sales Order
This is the most frequently used order type in handling orders confirmed by the customer. It is actually used when the customer actually places or confirms the order. Once the order reaches the status of Invoiced, it can be closed.

This type of sales order is used in case of data imports. It will not affect stock quantity and does not generate any item transactions. Order journal lines are also not considered in master planning.

Subscription order type is used in case of repeated business transaction (recurring orders) for certain customer and items. Different from Sales order, Subscription never reached the status of Invoiced. After invoice update transaction, the same sales line can be packing slip or invoice updated for repetitive transactions. The status for subscription order is always Open or Delivered.

Returned Order
As the name suggests, this type is used upon goods return by a customer.  A return-item number (RMA number) is assigned automatically and can be viewed on the Other tab.

Item Requirements
This type of sales order is part of project management and accounting functional area in Dynamics AX 2012. Upon creation of item requirements in Project Management and Accounting module, AX creates a sales order of type Item.

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