Credit Card Related Posting Set ups in Retail Ax 2012 1

When using Retail module with Ax, there are specific posting profiles set up for different payment methods. These payment methods can be Cash, Cards, Credit, Gift cards etc.

Refer following path to define payment methods;

Retail module -> Setup -> Payment methods -> Payment methods

Payment Methods



These Payment methods are further linked to Retail stores.

Refer following path to navigate payment methods from Retail store;

Retail module -> Common -> Retail channels -> Retail stores -> Select one of the Retail store record -> Click on menu ‘Set up’ -> Set up -> Payment methods

Retail storesSet up of Posting profiles against multiple Payment methods;

Open ‘Payment methods’ form when navigating from Retail store form;

PM Posting

Here you select one of the Payment method and define Posting set ups in left pane under Posting fast tab.

Apart from this, card commission related posting set ups can be defined against Card setup form by clicking on ‘Card setup’ menu button in Payment method form (highlighted above).

Card Commission


Happy Learning!

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One thought on “Credit Card Related Posting Set ups in Retail Ax 2012

  • Samy

    if i want to map multiple cards with different ledgers accounts as below:

    VIsa = 1102215
    Master = 1102216
    AMEXPRESS = 1102217

    when i post the retail statement, the transaction is posted into these account, but the difference is still posted in the main ledger (111111) for the cards.

    can i pass also the difference based on card type

    VISA Transaction amount(1000), Counted amount(980)

    i need to pass the difference also in ledger account (1102215)