Creation of a new Vendor by using Vendor Template in Ax 2012

In case of you want to use a predefined template to create a new vendor, refer the following steps;

  • Navigate to Accounts payable -> Common -> Vendors -> All vendors
  • Select an existing vendor and double click
  • Select any field, right click and select ‘Record info’
  • Click button ‘User template’
  • Mention name and description as per your interest

User Template











  • Click ‘Ok’
  • Now navigate back to vendor master form
  • Create new vendor
  • System gives the option of creating vendor by using Blank template or newly created ‘Vendor template’

Vend Templ











It is to be noted that if template is used to create a new vendor, system always fetch the vendor details which used to create vendor template. Later user can change the vendor name and other info if needed.

Just to add on, if you want to delete template, just select the template id (refer 2nd screen print) and press Alt+F9.


Happy Learning!

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