Creation and Posting of Inventory Adjustment Journal in Dynamics Ax 2012 2

The inventory adjustment journal (or Profit/Loss journal) is used to write-off or write-up inventory. It is an inventory adjustment journal for items lost, found or broken where item value and quantity must be  updated to keep inventory accurate. Refer the following navigation to create and post inventory adjustment journal;

  1. Inventory and warehouse management —>journals—> Item transactions —>Inventory adjustment
  2. Click ‘New’ on the inventory adjustment journal form
  3. Once journal is created, click Lines
  4. A new journal lines form is opened
  5. Select following values in the journal lines form;
    • Item number,
    • Item dimensions if any (configuration, size, color),
    • Storage dimensions (site, warehouse, location and pallet id)
    • Tracking dimensions (Serial no., Batch no.)
    • Value in Quantity field

If you are going to add the inventory, you need to put positive value in the quantity field. If the value is positive, you can edit the value displayed in Cost amount field.

If you want to remove or outtake the inventory you need to put negative value in the Quantity field. Here you can’t edit the values displayed in Cost amount field.

If require adding some more items, create another lines and enter all related values in related fields.

Now journal is ready to validate & post.


Happy Learning!


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2 thoughts on “Creation and Posting of Inventory Adjustment Journal in Dynamics Ax 2012

  • Corne Venter

    Good day

    I followed the steps listed for the write-off of the inventory but received an error that stock must be picked. This is not included in the teaching module.

    How must this per performed as the system do not want to validate the inventory.

  • Vivek

    Hi Corne,
    Thanks for writing! Please ensure that the setup at Item Model group -> Physical Update -> Registration requirement / Picking requirement is unchecked. Once it is unchecked, you should not get error message as item to be registered / picked first.
    Please note that it depends on the company policies whether it wants to have registration / picking process mandatory or not.
    This suggestion is only to let you that it is because of a setup configuration.
    Hope I answered what you are looking for 🙂