Chart of accounts in Ax 2012

Until the introduction of AX 2012 a single form was used to create/maintain the ledger accounts, this form was termed as Chart of accounts. The list of accounts was classified based on their nature. With introduction of Ax 2012 there was a change introduced where in the Chart of account form now works as a framework.

Ax 2012 allows us to create/maintain multiple Chart of accounts based on the business/legal requirements. Individual chart of account acts as a placeholder for main accounts and each can be linked to the account structures.

To access the chart of account form: General Ledger –> Setup –> Chart of Accounts –> Chart of Accounts

Below is a screenshot for the Chart of account form:









Chart of Accounts – Code used to identify the Chart of Accounts.

Description – Description for the Chart of Account

Main account mask – Define the format the system shall use to create the Main accounts. For example; you want to keep your main accounts in the format as ‘CoA-####’. In that case mention CoA-#### in the field and whenever you create a new main account, system will verify the format and always accept the value in format of CoA-#### only.

Main Accounts:

New – To create a new Main account

New from template – In case a template has been created for the main account; this can be used to create a new main account.

Edit – Edit a specific main account

Delete – Delete a specific main account

Account structures:

Add – Attach an account structure to the Chart of account

Remove – Remove an already attached account structure to the chart of account

Configure Account structure – Access the Configure account structure form.


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