Set Up to Restrict Quantity Change at Purchase Order Invoice Form in Ax 2012

This blog is in continuation of following blog where we spoke about costing issue if quantity is changed at purchase order invoice form; To restrict changing the quantity at PO Invoice form at lines level, refer the following set up; Accounts payable – Set up – Accounts payable parameters […]

Unit Conversion Types in Ax 2012 2

There are 3 types of unit conversion types in Ax 2012; Standard Conversions Intra-Class Conversions Inter-Class Conversions Standard Conversions – Once define the conversion between two units, it is applicable against all products. Thing to remember here that conversion can be defined only within the units belong to same Unit […]

Inventory Dimensions in Ax 2012

Inventory dimensions in Ax 2012 now consist of 3 classifications: Product Dimension Storage Dimension Tracking Dimension Product dimension: can be referred to a dimension group that mainly focuses on the physical attributes of the product; major constituents: Size Color Configuration Since a product (item) is treated as a the lowest […]

What are inventory models in Ax 2012

There are many inventory model options available in Ax. Companies select inventory model of their choice based on their business nature. Let’s have a look on available inventory models in Ax and their meaning;                 In the following example, we can understand how […]

Value models in Ax 2012

Value models are the guidelines that determine the treatment of the fixed assets during their entire life. The reference of the term treatment of the fixed assets shows how the system maintains the valuation of the assets for different purposes such as financial reporting, tax reporting, revaluation & disposal of […]

Why is inventory closing performed & how Ax maintains weighted average costing ?

Q. 1 Why is inventory closing performed? Ans. Inventory closing is performed to reach out to the actual COGS of issued item quantity. This actual COGS make sure the right profit is calculated for the issued quantity. It can be more understanding with the example given in second question of how […]

Creation of a New Product using Product Template in Ax 2012

In case of, you want to use a predefined template to create a new product/item, refer the following steps; Navigate to Product information management -> Common -> Products -> Released product Select an existing item & double click on it or click edit Click menu Product -> New -> Template […]

Creation and Posting of Inventory Adjustment Journal in Dynamics Ax 2012 2

The inventory adjustment journal (or Profit/Loss journal) is used to write-off or write-up inventory. It is an inventory adjustment journal for items lost, found or broken where item value and quantity must be  updated to keep inventory accurate. Refer the following navigation to create and post inventory adjustment journal; Inventory […]