Batch schedule Release to warehouse in AX 2012 R3

During the course of business there can be a requirement where the users may need to create SO and process the Release to warehouse functionality on an automated and scheduled basis depending on the fulfillment rates. The Ax 2012 R3 comes with the feature of automatically releasing orders to warehouse. In this blog we will focus on how to configure this.

  • Setup Fulfillment rate setup in AR Parameter -> Warehouse management01
  • Set batch group for wave processing

Warehouse Management -> Warehouse management parameter -> General -> Wave processing



  • Ensure the wave template is properly setup


  • Setup automatic release to warehouse batch job

Warehouse management -> Periodic -> Automatic release of sales order


  • Define the filters you want to put in for the batch job, here we wanted to release orders for specific customer as shown below. Once the filters are defined Click Ok.


  • Select Batch tab.
  • Select the Batch processing checkbox.
  • Select the Batch group.
  • Click Recurrence.

As per this SO is created automatically every Thursday based on the fulfillment setup. If you want Alerts then select as per your need.


Based on the above the system should create the SO and release it to warehouse automatically.


Happy Learning.!

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