Basic Purchase Order Workflow in Ax 2012 3

To configure a simple PO workflow in Ax, refer the following setups and configuration;


Navigate to System Administration > Setup > System Parameters > Number Sequence

set the number sequence for Workflow ID

Workflow id








Setup of Batch group:

  1. Navigate to System Administration > Setups > Batch Group
  2. Create a new batch group
  3. Make sure to select appropriate Batch servers for the batch groups.

Batch group









Workflow Infrastructure Configuration Wizard 

Navigate to Workflow Infrastructure Configuration through System Administration > Setup > Work flow

  1. In this wizard you are required to provide batch group we created in first setup
  2. Click Next
  3. Next screen, click Next
  4. Next screen, set Hours 1 and Click Next
  5. Next screen, set Minutes 1 and Click Next
  6. Click Finish


  1. 7. To confirm that batches are waiting for execution, navigate to System Administration > Inquiries > Batch Jobs 

Batch job













With all of the above setup, make sure that ‘Active change management’ checkbox field is marked as Yes in Procurement & Sourcing parameters form;

Procurement & Sourcing area -> Setup -> Procurement & Sourcing parameters -> General tab

Change mgt







Here the basic PO workflow is ready.


Happy Learning!

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