Alternative Items in Ax 2012

Sometime there are scenarios when the organizations want to maintain/use alternate Items when creating sales orders. This commonly happens when 2 items have very little differences.

Access the Released product à Sell fast tab –> Alternative product field group



When to use:  The field determines when this feature will be used.

Provides 3 options:

  1. Never- the feature will never be used
  2. Not in inventory – use the feature when selected item is not in inventory
  3. Always – Always use this feature when creating a SO

Alternative Item Number: Use this field to define an alternative item number that will be used on sales orders when the user enters the current item.


Creating a Sales order:

Create a sales order & add an item; upon saving the record the system will prompt the user that the alternative item will be applied.




Press Ok to replace with alternative item

Press Cancel to continue with the current item.


Happy Learning.!

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