AX7 – Processing of Inbound ASNs in Warehouse Management

A detailed walk-through of configuring and executing manual and recurring import of inbound ASN documents, based on the Data Import Export Framework) and Data Entity concepts. Video credit goes to Ivan (Vanya) Kashperuk.   Happy Learning!

AX 7 Introductory 11 Minute Video – A Must Watch!

A Powerful 11 minute introductory video of AX 7 presented by Columbus UK team. It gives a good in-depth info of how AX 7 UI is built, Search system, Integration with BI, Excel import and its data connector, real time data refresh in excel, Help option and Task recorder. A […]

Keyboard Shortcuts in Ax 7

Keyboard shortcuts are very useful and come handy when you need to increase the speed of how you work in a software. Ax 7 also has some keyboard shortcuts that would come handy to the consultants when working on the system.

New features in Ax 7 Finance

We all have been waiting for Ax 7, though there has been no official announcement on the release of the version we have got some insight on the new features in the version. Here we list out some new features in Ax 7 Finance.

How to Calculate Month Difference Between Two Dates – Excel Formula 1

Excel is an essential tool for a consultant life and especially for functional ones. In this interesting and helpful excel series, we will try to share few quick excel formulas which we may need on regular basis. Today I got stuck into one situation where I wanted to calculate month […]

How to Remove Un-Marked Transactions, Marked for Settlement in Ax 2012 2

By navigating to Vendor ‘Settle Open Transactions’ or Customer ‘Settle Open Transactions’, you can see some transactions are marked for settlement with red hand sign in “Is marked” column. Un-marking such transactions is only possible by finding the offset transaction and deleting the link. Though it could be a nightmare if […]

How to Open Details Form in Default Edit / View Mode in Ax 1

When you open a record from list page, the default behaviour of record is to open in view mode. In cases where you do a lot of editing, you would like to cut down your no. of clicks. To open a record in default edit mode may save you one […]

Auto-Complete Text in the Windows Client for Ax Users

Ax has an in-built parameter to remember text that user typed in the past and recalled that text when you type it next time in the future. This is a handy tool and minimise your text typing. There is a parameter to turn off this option if you do not like […]